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Wire fraud Notice


Every day, hackers try to steal your money by emailing fake wire instructions. Criminals will use a similar email address and steal a logo and other information to make it look like the email came from your real estate agent, title company or lender.

Be Vigilant and Suspicious

  • We will only send you wiring instructions if you specifically request them.
  • NEVER send a wire to us without calling us at the phone number listed on our website before transferring funds. Don’t use phone numbers or links from an email, even if you think the email came from us.
  • Pay very close attention to email addresses on your emails. They should only come from or be sent to someone@blackfoxtitle.com. A common tactic by criminals is to change the address by one letter or by punctuation only so that a quick glance does not detect the fraud, or to create a new email account such as someone.blackfoxtitle@yahoo.com. It looks similar, but it is fake!
  • We will not change our wiring instructions at any time during the transaction
  • Do not rely on wiring instructions sent from any other party in the transaction.

Confirm and Verify

  • Ask your bank to confirm the name on the account before sending a wire.
  • Within four hours, call us to confirm that we received your money

If You’ve Been Targeted

  • Immediately call your bank and ask them to issue a recall notice for your wire
  • Please call us immediately to discuss further corrective steps

It is your responsibility to make sure that your funds are wired to the correct account. Protect yourself