Why Blackfox Title?

Reasons To Choose Blackfox Title As Your Title Partner

1. Our mission is to be “Professional - Proficient – Personable” We believe in your satisfaction before, during, and after Closing.

2. The employees at Blackfox Title are a balanced mix of experienced veterans and young upcoming stars in the title industry that are all working together toward clearing your title and coordinating the closing

3. Our personal goal is to always move with a sense of purpose. That means that we start working on the backend to clear the title as soon as we get the contract in. Which helps contribute to no delayed closings for you.

4. Transactions above $500,000 will allow us to cover any escrow fees. So, no escrow fees for Buyer or Seller on transactions greater than $500,000

5. Our “double-check auditors’ system” insures all of your files and closing. So, in addition to our processors and closers preparing the files, we have a 3rd person thoroughly review all your files before closing to ensure nothing has been overlooked and there will be no issues at the closing table

6. Our attorneys are always available to help resolve any legal issue that may arise before or during your closing.

7. We believe in delivering your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy as soon as we record the Deed, with no delays it allows you to not have to double touch your own records.

8. We are affiliated with two (2) of the nation’s leaders in Title Underwriting. Who back our title insurance policies and secure the transaction, First American Title Insurance Company and Westcor..

9. We are a certified Veteran Owned Title Company that is part of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association.

10. You are GUARANTEED a “Professional - Proficient – Personable” experience that will leave you with a memorable closing experience.